Accessibility Matters – Budget 2016 : No Additional Funds for Captioning in Budget 2016

The Budget. It’s everywhere. TV, radio, social media, newspapers, office conversations, emails…. As expected, there were no additional funds for captioning in Budget 2016. The Government position is to encourage captioning by Broadcasters. The expectation is that improvements in captioning will come through technology. Encouraging Broadcasters to caption leaves New Zealanders without captions on News & current affairs programmes on free to air television – In Australia, they must be.

We Need Words to Achieve Access. Press Release 19 May 2016.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day Imagine, if you will, a life without the ability to fully understand what is being said on television, in videos, on the telephone Today members of the New Zealand Captioning Working Group will submit a petition with more than 2,300 signatures asking “That the House of Representatives legislate to ensure accesssibility via closed captioning for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and other New Zealanders who need.

New Zealand – We Need Your Help! Press Release 18 May 2016.

The National Foundation for the Deaf underwriting $200,000 to enable broadcast captioning of the Rio Olympics Text GOLD to 4847 to help by donating $3.00 The National Foundation for the Deaf has underwritten $200,000 to enable live broadcast captioning of the Rio Olympics in August 2016. Live broadcast captions are similar to subtitles that you see on a foreign film but they are in the same language as the spoken.

6% of the content on Prime TV Channel will have captioning. A good start but still a long way to go!

SKY spokeswoman Kirsty Way said earlier this week: “We are really pleased Prime will now be able to show captions on these quality local shows, thanks to the contribution of ABLE along with our investment in infrastructure.” So what do we know about captioning on the Sky owned free to air Prime TV channel? Q – When will captioning start? A – No date has been announced but it is.

Happy Birthday Able & Captions Coming to Prime TV!

Last night several members of the New Zealand Captioning Working Group attended the second birthday celebration for Able hosted by Broadcasting Minister, Amy Adams at Parliament. The Minister was quick to point out the lack of a birthday cake, however there was better news for caption fans! Broadcasting Minister Amy Adams announced that captioning will be available on some Prime Television content with a focus on “on local, New Zealand.

As Well as Exposing the Wide Gap in Captioning, We Also Celebrate the Efforts of Those who are Determined to Close it.

The New Zealand Captioning Working Group are holding the annual National Captioning Awards at the end of November and we need your help with nominations please. The Captioning Awards have been established to celebrate and recognise the work that individuals and organisations in New Zealand have done to increase accessibility with captions across multiple environments. Use this quick survey to make your nominations and make any additional comments about captioning.

That Happy Moment when People say YES to Captioning!

That happy moment when people say YES to captioning! Today we need to give a big shout out / handwave to Peter Haynes Director / Writer of AFK Webseries fame. True to his word, Peter Haynes has captioned AFK and we are delighted to announce it launches tomorrow (6 November) with captions on Youtube. Check out the trailer here with captioning! Image Used with Permission: Mia Pistorius as Q, a.

Copyright Rights? Broadcast Rights? What of Human Rights?

Able are broadcasting live captions for the extended TVNZ One News midday broadcast of the All Blacks homecoming. I should feel ‘happy’. Instead I feel mad. TVNZ – still the only New Zealander broadcaster with the technical capability to support live captioning. The All Blacks arrived at Auckland Airport this morning. Breakfast television and many kiwis were there to meet them. No captions. No captions on breakfast TV news or.

I’m signing the Captioning Petition Because….

I’m signing because… (Click on any of the text below to be taken to the articles that correspond to the reasons) • It will make it easy for people to enjoy what those with no hearing issues take for granted. • How else do deaf people enjoy? TV • My work requires me to keep abreast of breaking news and current affairs and this is hard to do without captions..

What did Stephen Moore, Captain of the Australian Wallabies say on TV at the end of that Rugby World Cup Final?

Here’s another ‘approximate’ transcript from our volunteers. Great to see what Stephen said. Commentator – You’ve just been shaking hands with victorious All Blacks, how tough to do that, today of all days. Stephen Moore – Its not about us tonight, its all about New Zealand. They really deserved to win. They’ve been the best team all tournament so congratulations to them, they played really well. Commentator – How disrupted.