We Need to Know Too….. “As a society we need readily available information…”

As a society we need readily available information to address our concerns that become raised when we learn about emergencies and situations such as terrorist attacks. Yesterday morning our levels of concern were raised and we needed further information to ensure we could understand the evolving situation in London. But, when we turned on our televisions the only captioned information available in the breakfast news programmes on any New Zealand.

Will the Paralympics TV coverage have captions?

The New Zealand Olympic team delivered amazing results in Rio. (https://www.captionitnz.co.nz/thank-you-for-captioning-rio-2016-summer-olympics-able/ ). Many New Zealanders are keen to follow our Paralympians too. The Games start on September 7 till 18 September. We wish the NZ Paralympic team every success in Rio. The daily hour long highlights show, will have captioning (TVOne, 9.30pm http://tvnz.co.nz/tvnz-corporate-comms/ready-rio-most-extensive-free-air-broadcast-coverage-paralympic-games-its-way-6461268). TVNZ will broadcast more than 180 hours of Paralympic sport. The majority will be shown on TVNZ’s.

Thank you for captioning Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Able

Wow, what an amazing Olympics New Zealand has had. 18 medals for New Zealand and free to air TV coverage with captioning! The New Zealand Captioning Working Group would like to thank the team at Able who have worked so hard to bring the caption access to our TV screens. New equipment funded by The National Foundation for the Deaf was installed at Able to enable near live captions for.

I think that it is great that the Rio Olympic Games has captioning because….

This means that thousands of Deaf & hard of hearing people will be able to enjoy the games and be able to watch like every hearing person. When I found out that there was going to be captioning at the games I got very excited. I will be able to watch the Olympics with my family and my school friends. I need to make a lot of cupcakes to help.

“One of these things is not like the other” – Sesame Street.

“One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn’t belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others By the time I finish my song?” TV1, TV2, TV3, BRAVO “Did you guess which thing was not like the others? Did you guess which thing just doesn’t belong? If you guessed this one is not like the others,” BRAVO “Then you’re absolutely…right!” When.

New Zealand: Introducing Live TV Captioning of Rio2016 on Prime TV

Are you getting excited about one of the greatest sporting events on earth? Recently TVNZ OneNews ran a story about new captioning technology that will help make the Olympic Games TV coverage in New Zealand more accessible for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing. You can watch the video here (captioned). or read a summary here. Want to know more? Q – When will the details of what will be.

We’re Excited about the Potential for Live TV Captioning of Rio2016…

“Just the matter of a few $$$$ to raise….” New Zealand is a great sporting nation and the hype is building for the Rio Olympics. We’re getting pretty excited about the potential for captioned TV coverage too! The Captioning Working Group have launched a $200,000 NZD fundraising campaign to pay for live captioning on some of the free-to-air Prime TV coverage. Able, NZ’s not-for-profit captioning provider, will be providing live.

Name the Country that Just Legislated for Captioning…..

The Philippines! Senate Bill 2239 passed its third reading on May 23, 2016. It requires ‘franchise holders or operators of television stations and producers of television programs to broadcast or present their programs with closed caption option, and for other purposes”. Senator Bam Aquino’s Facebook page released the news: GOOD NEWS! Senate approves SB 2239, a bill requiring all franchise holders or operators of television stations and producers of television.

No cash for deaf and hard of hearing to enable accessibility through broadcast captioning in Budget 2016

The Government’s position is to encourage captioning by Broadcasters with the expectation that improvements in captioning will come through improving technology. In line with this belief, no additional funds were allocated for broadcast captioning in Budget 2016. However, sadly, encouragement alone is not enough. Encouraging Broadcasters to caption leaves New Zealanders without captions on many News & current affairs programmes on free to air television from 11pm until 12noon the.

We Need Words to Achieve Access. Press Release 19 May 2016.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day http://bitly.com/CaptionitNZPetition Imagine, if you will, a life without the ability to fully understand what is being said on television, in videos, on the telephone Today members of the New Zealand Captioning Working Group will submit a petition with more than 2,300 signatures asking “That the House of Representatives legislate to ensure accesssibility via closed captioning for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and other New Zealanders who need.