Words! – Why Captioning is Needed! “It has always been a struggle to follow the storyline on television programmes and DVDs without captions”

My name is Robert and I’m profoundly Deaf but have a cochlear implant, which has been very successful. I have been married for 10 years to Holly and I also run a successful business. It has always been a struggle to follow the storyline on television programmes and DVDs without captions – the voices are not always clear, the storyline typically changes quite quickly, and don’t get me started on.

Why wouldn’t you caption? “…when you look at the adverse effects of exclusion, and consider the very weighty costs to our society, clearly, the benefits of providing captioning far outweigh any monetary cost incurred to provide it. Captioning truly is a bargain”

by Michele Thomas Linder. In my personal advocacy efforts for captioning, in all forms needed, the one excuse that is offered most frequently is: Captioning is cost prohibitive — “It costs too much.” and/or “We don’t have the funds.” Those failing to provide captions are most concerned with who is going to pay for them. When I hear those excuses, my response is always to point out that the focus.

Helen Mackay’s Speech Regarding Captioning. “A persons ability to participate and contribute to society is profoundly affected by how well we can all access information whether its advertising, schooling, entertainment, the latest news or a government announcement.”

When Louise asked me to speak tonight I toyed with the idea of whispering my speech just to frustrate you all as you struggle to hear, just to give you a little sense of my daughters frustration as she struggles to understand. Fortunately for you, I thought better of it. Annabel herself was cross that she wasn’t coming tonight to “tell the bosses that no words on the TV is.

Is Captioning Content for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Hard to do? “Actually, it was….remarkably easy!”

Well – it seems not. In the words of Peter Haynes, the man behind AFK – The Webseries – it was… ‘Remarkably Easy‘. A few days ago, It was suggested to me I look at this link for a new web-series that is on Kickstart. It looks interesting – gamers stuck in a game – action, adventure, and fantasy – right up my alley. They were asking for support in.

An Open Letter to the NZ Government Minister for Broadcasting. “….there is no alternative programme available to access vital national and international news and information.”

Louise Carroll QSO, JP, GDPPA, MPA Chairperson Captioning Working Group NEW ZEALAND 11 April 2014 The Hon Craig Foss Minister for Broadcasting Parliament Buildings WELLINGTON CC: Rt Hon John Key Prime Minister Dear Minister Foss As you know, the Captioning Working Group consists of executive representatives from The National Foundation for the Deaf, Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand and the Hearing Association New Zealand as our organisations recognize the need for,.

No TV News was Captioned Tonight. ” We don’t have the luxury of being able to switch channels to watch other news channels, because they aren’t captioned at all.”

The internet chatter tonight that TV One has no captions. No news captioned. Facebook and twitter have been running hot with complaints. Obviously Able/TVNZ is having technical difficulties. Obviously, because Seven Sharp is now on and that’s not captioned tonight either. No one can find an after hours number to phone. Some people have tried but got an answerphone message to say ring during office hours. The point is…. ONLY.

The NZHerald TV Picks of the Week. “Once again only ONE is captioned. We miss out again – simply not good enough!

Last week our blog of the NZHerald TV Picks of the week was one of our most popular. I’m rather an optimist so I thought I’d look again at this weeks picks out today to see if it would come up with a better outcome? Bluestone 42 When: Thursday 9.25pm Where: UKTV NOT Captioned James Nesbitt in New Zealand When: Sunday 8.30pm Where: Prime TV NOT Captioned Supergiant Animals When:.

The Captioning Working Group – Who we are… “After years of lamenting the lack of captions on New Zealand Televisions, we decided to take action and do something about it”

The Captioning Working Group – Who we are… Louise Carroll – Co-Founder and Chair of the Captioning Working Group; CEO of The National Foundation for the Deaf. Louise who is moderately hearing impaired and wears two hearing aids, has a Queens Service Order for Public Services for New Zealand; a Masters Degree in Public Administration (Management); is Human Rights Officer for the International Federation for Hard of Hearing People and.

Annabel is Cross! “no Words on TV makes me mad. I want to tell the boss John Key, there are lots of deaf people just like me!”

You can see Annabels letter to John Key here See an Index of all our Captioning Blogs here.

The Government is Failing to Meet its Human Rights Obligations! “Lack of captioning compounds the issues of being uninformed, isolated and vulnerable, so often experienced by the Deaf and hearing impaired.”

By captioning only a small proportion of public TV and other broadcast media, enabling access by the hearing impaired, the New Zealand government is failing in its obligation to meet the terms of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCPRD). Under the UNCPRD, which New Zealand has ratified, the government is required to ‘take measures to ensure that all persons with disabilities [which includes the.