Bad Captioning “If senior politicians were to take a stand and not appear on television unless it was captioned, frankly they would struggle to get air time”

Some people ask me if I ever see bad captioning in New Zealand? I guess it depends on your definition! In New Zealand there is very little live captioning so the type of error often seen overseas – such as the one reported this week by the Daily Mail in the UK warning Glastonbury visitors to be ‘prepared for rape’ rather than ‘rain’ is not often seen. Rape is no.

Captioning on Lightbox? Ah No! “Lightbox may have more in common with Netflix than initially meets the eye!”

Earlier in 2014, the NZ Herald Telecom chief executive Simon Moutter described ShowmeTV as “a Netflix for New Zealand” when the new service was announced (see the New Zealand Herald article about it.) It seems ShowmeTV, now known as Lightbox may have more in common with Netflix than initially meets the eye. As you might expect the Captioning Working Group met with the Telecom representative last week and asked would.

The Real Statistics Behind Captioning in New Zealand. “Ministry of Broadcasting Statistics are misleading because …..”

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One in Four New Zealanders have a Disability. “If Mr Key doesn’t put the captions on very soon we’re going to send more letters”

Last night ONE News had a little coverage of our campaign. You can view the clip here on the One News site. Sadly the clip is not captioned, Annabel’s mum did a transcript so Annabel could show her friends at school. Introduction ‘New figures show one in four New Zealanders live with a Disability that limits their day to day activities. Advocates say that’s largely down to the ageing population.

Level of Captioning in New Zealand Unsatisfactory… “In 2011 it was 240 hours, and in 2014 its 250 hours. Hardly statistically significant.”

For the record, the New Zealand Captioning Working Group do not believe the level of captioning in New Zealand is ‘pretty satisfactory’. When the 2011 Rugby World Cup was staged in New Zealand, Catherine Delahunty, MP asked the then Minister of Broadcasting, Hon. Jonathon Coleman, a question in the house 21 September 2010. [Catherine Delahunty] ‘To the Minister of Broadcasting. Will he ensure accessibility to Rugby World Cup television broadcasts.

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TV One News is one of the news programmes broadcast in New Zealand with captions and they want to hear from you. “Which issues matter to you in this year’s election?” Follow this link to have your say. Vote 2014 The New Zealand Captioning Working Group have posted this: ‘The NZ Captioning Working Group, with membership from the Executives of The National Foundation for the Deaf; Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Click on any heading below to read the article…. 1. An Interview and Letter to the Boss of New Zealand from Annabel Mackay. “I Need Words” 2. Who Needs Perspective? “This Government needs to gain an understanding of the perspective of a person who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing” 3. A letter to the Rt Hon Craig Foss – Minister of Broadcasting… “Research shows that until legislation is enacted,.

Lack of Access for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing… “I am told that the government cares about inclusion, that my perception is not reality. I am just not convinced.”

OK I admit it. I am struggling to reconcile something. On one side of the reconciliation I have government departments and agencies purporting to champion inclusion and embrace diversity. On the other side I have the Minister of Broadcasting effectively telling the New Zealand Captioning Working Group to (I paraphrase) ‘shove off’. As far as I can work out, there are at least 4 government ministries and endless government ministers.

Queens Birthday Honours – The NZ Captioning Working Group Says Thank you John.

The New Zealand Captioning Working Group salutes John Harwood on receiving the Queens Service Medal in the Birthday Honours list, for services to the community. John is a Co-founder and Member of the Captioning Working Group; Deputy Chair of The National Foundation for the Deaf Council; Past President Hearing Association New Zealand and current National Board member. John brings many years of experience from living with a severe hearing loss.