Legislating for Captioning is about Choice. “Captioned Programmes that are repeated are a big deal especially when there is a huge lack of captioned content in the first place”

Able, NZ on Air, and the Minister of Broadcasting, Craig Foss, are all saying that we have over 250 hours of captioning per week. Jonathan Coleman even said, how much more TV could you possibly want to watch as we there’s not that many hours in any week for one person to possibly watch. I say to these people, it’s not about the hours, it’s about choice. We just want.

The Real Statistics Behind Captioning in NZ – August. “The figures used by government are misleading because….”

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Annabel sums up the lack of Captioning in New Zealand Hospitals! “It’s the same principle as wheelchair access to buildings for those that need it.”

Annabel is having a short stay in hospital this week. On turning on the hospital Television, she found….. No Captioning. While Mum’s back was turned, she wrote this on the whiteboard in protest. Good on you Annabel! This sums up the poor state of the televisions in hospitals. Virtually none are Deaf and Hard of Hearing friendly. I’ve stayed in a number of hospitals myself – North Shore Hospital, Wairau.

New Zealand Green Party Policy Supports Captioning… “Captioning benefits so many people not just the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.”

Today the NZ Green Party launched their disability policy and came out in support of broadcast captioning. We welcome the announcement, and encourage all political parties to follow with similar Policy. Captioning benefits so many people not just the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. Thanks Mojo Mathers & NZ Green Party for taking this leadership position on access to broadcast media. A full link to their policy can be.

Spark doesn’t seem very Sparky… ” Yes technology is changing all the time. Attitudes towards captioning need to as well.”

Spark launched on Friday. They spent $20M on their rebrand. One of the very first things they did on social media on Friday was to share this video. (It has no captions, not even automatic ones). We tweeted them right back and asked them to caption it, and included the link to show them how. Progressively throughout the day they loaded more video onto their new Youtube channel. There are.

The History of the Captioning Working Group. …. “we’re not stopping until the ultimate goal has been reached. Legislation…”

Back in the 90s various Deaf and Hard of Hearing people from across New Zealand successfully lobbied government for captions on our television. They managed to get yearly funding of $800,000 for this to happen. Many will remember the Telethon that got this going. This has increased only once since then. Despite continued lobbying from a number of organisations working separately, progress was poor. That changed in 2011 when three.

Captioned Global Internet TV. Yes We Want It! – In a challenging digital environment” its about “content, content, content, content. “We should be blind to how its delivered as long as its produced and got out there and kiwis can access it”

Have you seen the latest NZ Herald article about TVNZ and Sky banning Slingshots Global Mode advertisements? In New Zealand, all ISPs except for Slingshot at present block global internet television services such as Netflix, Hulu and BBC1, and this hits the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities the hardest. The services that are blocked, caption their content by law in their respective countries. In comparison, because there is no.