Watching Captioned TV in the UK – “I don’t understand the stance the New Zealand Government has on not legislating for Captioning.”

My first foray into the joy of captioning in the UK was on a Tuesday morning. While my daughter and her friends chatted and made breakfast, I noticed the breakfast news on. With Captions. I was riveted. This was the equivalence of our TV1’s Breakfast news. Same format even. And it was 100% live captioned. There was virtually no delay because the captions were done by scrolling. That is, the.

Anzac Girls – $480,000 NZD of NZ on Air Funding…. being shown on Prime with no captions despite being shown around the world WITH Captions..

It’s bad enough that any TV programme is shown on Prime without captioning. But its pretty galling to learn that ‘ANZAC Girls’, a co-production between Screentime NZ and Australian Broadcasting Corporation, a recipient of $480,000 NZD of NZ On Air Funding will be shown on Prime, Tuesday 8.30pm. It’s inaccessible to many New Zealanders if shown there. So lets do a quick world tour. It’s already been shown in Australia.