Blackcaps Nailbiting Semifinal Win. “The irony of a final being played in Australia, potentially involving one of our biggest sporting rivals, and broadcast with captions there but not here, does not escape us.”

They’ve done it! The Black Caps will be the first ever New Zealand cricket team to play in an ICC Cricket World Cup Final. The match result is everywhere in the media, featuring on Breakfast News (TV1) and Firstline (TV3). No breakfast television news has captioning. Prime TV moved quickly to announce the final will air live Sunday. No programmes have captioning on Prime TV. It was just minutes after.

It’s not just about the Cricket – It’s about access, inclusion, education, entertainment, information.

1 February. Into my inbox pops an email from Annabel’s new year 5 teacher. Her ‘mainstream’ school starts February 3rd. It was a lovely email of introduction to the syllabus from her new teacher. Like all great teachers she’s gone the extra mile to understand Annabel’s needs. Annabel is deaf and knowing topics in advance really helps to learn new vocal before it hits in a classroom setting. Annabel’s teacher.