A Plea from Zoe… “I want All Movies and TV Programmes Captioned!”

I want ALL movies and TV programmes captioned.

It’s not fair that all my friends can go watch a new release movie when it comes out but I have to wait for either the DVD to be released or for the local cinema to choose it as one of their captioned movies of the month. Most of the time the movies that they pick are the ones that I don’t even like.

This year I went to Roxy cinema for a fundraising night and I watched the Hobbit with captions on the screen. It was so relaxing! I knew what was going on at the same time as everyone else in the cinema!

I love Shortland Street and Home and Away, luckily they have captions!!! But when the adverts come on they are not captioned! I want to know what they are saying in the teaser adverts for “coming up tomorrow night” etc!

4.30 Live looks like a cool programme on TV2, but I cannot understand anything they are saying, I see my brother laughing at the jokes and I see the prizes for the competitions but I have no idea what the rules are for the competitions! This is not fair, I have a right to know just like my hearing friends do!

Another programme that I love but cannot understand without my Mum interpreting it for me is, Ellen! I hate seeing my mum and my brother laughing and laughing at things and then I have to wait for them to sign to me, by the time I find out, the joke is over! I want to know things at the same time as everyone else in my family.


Zoe Ferguson (12 years old)

Artist:  Zoe Ferguson We Need Words

Artist: Zoe Ferguson
We Need Words


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  1. Bronwyn April 5, 2014 | Reply
    The bad news is that sometimes after waiting for DVDs to come out they don't have captions either. I bought the Jobs movie recently. No captions. I am really surprised.
    • Robyn April 6, 2014 | Reply
      It use to be that all DVDs were captioned. These days they don't seem to be - as if when they copy it from a country where it was captioned, they don't copy the captioning over... simply because they don't have to. While there's no law in place, it doesn't happen!
  2. Mike April 5, 2014 | Reply
    Hi Bronwyn, I also had the same misfortune buying Outrageous Fortune all those years ago on DVD only to find there were no captions/subtitles! Funnily enough, a US service called Netflix has it, and it has really good captions! -sigh-
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