Accessibility. The Greens Truly get it! ” It’s about attitude, it’s about inclusion, it’s about being fair”.

The amount of times I go to watch the political debates on TV only to be disappointed because the captioning is not up to it. Not the fault of Able, but the fault of the type of captioning. Respeaking technology really doesn’t cut it. Stenography does, and it’s very unfortunate we don’t have access to this for live captioning broadcasts. Then there are all the you tube videos that the political parties have been putting up. The last nine of the National Party haven’t been accessible – not captioned. The last 11 of the Labour Party haven’t been accessible – not captioned. I have really no idea what their policies truly are because the video’s explaining them are not accessible to me.

Do these parties even want our vote? There is a lot of deaf people out there. If you look at our previous post about the statistics of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in New Zealand, we are not an insignificant number.

I’ve always voted for one party. My whole life. Not just because I come from a family of this party vote, but because, for my own personal situation, I always do better under them. It’s a personal thing. But for the first time, I’m starting to waver. For the simple reason because this party has not been accessible to me this time around, and hasn’t tried to lift their game despite repeated pleas. Last election no one was truly accessible, but this time, one party stands out.

The Greens.

They truly get it. Their latest video – The Green Party Opening Broadcast 2014, not only has captioning but also New Zealand Sign Language.

Truly Accessible. They are leading the way in listening to our needs and doing something about it. It shows.

I’m writing this as an example to all other political parties – particular National and Labour – if you want our vote, you need to include us, not exclude us. If the Greens can do this, then there is no reason why others can’t either. It’s about attitude, it’s about inclusion, it’s about being fair, and it’s about dare I say it, not being audist. (Audism is a form of ableism, discrimination on the basis of (dis)ability)

Robyn Carter
(This is my personal opinion and may or may not be the opinion of others.)

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