Annabel sums up the lack of Captioning in New Zealand Hospitals! “It’s the same principle as wheelchair access to buildings for those that need it.”

Annabel is having a short stay in hospital this week. On turning on the hospital Television, she found….. No Captioning. While Mum’s back was turned, she wrote this on the whiteboard in protest. Good on you Annabel!

annabel hospital whiteboard

This sums up the poor state of the televisions in hospitals. Virtually none are Deaf and Hard of Hearing friendly. I’ve stayed in a number of hospitals myself – North Shore Hospital, Wairau Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Gillies Clinic Hospital, Greenlane Hospital and Auckland Hospital. None of these televisions are caption capable, either in private rooms, in the patient lounges, or even the rental ones. Now it looks like Wellington hospital has the same lack of captioning on their Televisions too.

Television is often a welcome respite on long hospital stays. But not for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

We need this type of discrimination to stop.

Setting up Televisions in hospitals should as a matter of course be captioned capable. It’s the same principle as wheelchair access to buildings for those that need it.

Legislation is MUCH needed. Not only for captioning itself, but also for caption enabled Televisions in public buildings.

Tell us your experience – have you run into televisions without captioning in Hospitals?

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  1. Abbie J TWISS August 25, 2014 | Reply
    When I stayed at the burns unit in middlemore hospital, no captioned TV for a month, same for Mercy hospital a few years ago, never satisfied with lack of access to current news etc. Not surprised no new changes or improvements for the deaf and etc, it has to be fair equally to have visual information.
  2. Annabel's mum August 25, 2014 | Reply
    Nurses were fab, and really tried to help but alas, no luck. Hospital waiting rooms should really have open captions on all the time too, and we try to tell as many as we can who often say, 'oh yes, never thought of that, Thanks'. spread the word...
  3. Michelle February 11, 2016 | Reply
    Sounds cool. It really does. But I have some bones to pick with Youtube and I don't know where else to pick them. So here they are. (1) The acocunt drop menus kinda suck. I think they could be displayed more logically. (2) Wrong messages displayed on homepage bug has still not been resolved. (3) Certain acocunt and playlist settings are not saved after logging off. (4) Will there ever be a search feature for custom playlists and favorites? (5) Saved videos descriptions are not as descriptive as they used to be. (i.e.) They don't depict the user who uploaded the video and video unavailable messages anymore. (6) Unable to open saved videos in new tabs. Ok...I'm done typing.
  4. Elwin Way August 25, 2016 | Reply
    Last year I was in Taranaki hosp for a week - I asked to get captions on the tv - they had to call in a technician! but 2 days later I had cc :D

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