Captioning on Lightbox? Ah No! “Lightbox may have more in common with Netflix than initially meets the eye!”

Earlier in 2014, the NZ Herald Telecom chief executive Simon Moutter described ShowmeTV as “a Netflix for New Zealand” when the new service was announced (see the New Zealand Herald article about it.)

It seems ShowmeTV, now known as Lightbox may have more in common with Netflix than initially meets the eye.

As you might expect the Captioning Working Group met with the Telecom representative last week and asked would captioning be supported?

Ah – No.

Well when Netflix launched in the U.S, it also alienated and insulted potential deaf subscribers with poor captioning support. So much so in 2011, the US National Association of Deaf sued Netflix. Netflix have now agreed on a timetable with the organization to make captions available on all of the site’s streaming content by late in 2014.

So ShowmeTV (now Lightbox) have quite a lot in common with Netflix after all.

Lets hope that the words of encouragement from the Minister of Broadcasting, Hon Craig Foss to the Broadcasters to ‘encourage captioning’ will be sufficient to ensure they do so.

Meantime, captioned media content remains a scarce species in New Zealand, on TV, On Demand, On the Web, and now LightBox, which despite its name doesn’t shine any “Light” on the issue at all.

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