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TV One News is one of the news programmes broadcast in New Zealand with captions and they want to hear from you. “Which issues matter to you in this year’s election?

Follow this link to have your say.

Vote 2014

The New Zealand Captioning Working Group have posted this:

‘The NZ Captioning Working Group, with membership from the Executives of The National Foundation for the Deaf; Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand and the Hearing Association New Zealand calls on all Political Parties to ensure the application of Article 30 of the CRPD by amending the Broadcasting & Telecommunications Acts, thereby giving access to broadcast content by the many thousands of Deaf and Hard of Hearing New Zealanders in New Zealand and allowing full participation in all walks of life including the election and election debates #valueourvote #vote2014NZ #captionitNZ’

And one of our supporters who bought this to our attention posted this:

‘Making Captioning mandatory by law by introducing legislation in the Broadcasting and Telecommunication act, to fully include the 700,000 deaf and hard of hearing people in NZ’s society that are currently excluded. The UK and USA have 100%, Australia 85%, and we in NZ have a measly 25% captioning on Public Television.’

There are many party issues in politics. The accessibility benefits bestowed by captioning should not be one. We call on all New Zealand political parties to support captioning.

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