Help us with our Campaign. “The impact of not having legislation is clearly evidenced by the lack of captioning of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. “

Legislation for captioning is really important for the Deaf and Hard of hearing people in New Zealand. Without it, we aren’t going to see any great increases in the amount of captioning broadcast on Television, either on our actual Television or over the internet.

We need to be following what other countries have done overseas, USA, UK, and Australia, to name a few. Even the Phillipines have Legislation underway. The Legislation needs to be in both the Telecommunication and the Broadcasting Act to ensure we don’t get left behind. Research shows that until Legislation is put in place, there is no real change in captioning rates.

So we are asking you to help us by clicking on the link below which will open up an email to the Minister Craig Foss asking for Captioning Legislation. It will automatically copy the email to our Prime Minister John Key. You’ll need to add your name at the bottom of the email and press Send. The more emails that get sent the better, so please ask your friends and family to help us too.


If the first link did not work please copy and paste the following:

Hon Minister Foss

Minister for Broadcasting 

New Zealand Parliament 

Parliament Buildings 



Dear Minister Foss,

I support the call of the New Zealand Captioning Working Group member organisations for the introduction of legislation in both the Telecommunications Act and the Broadcasting Act to ensure broadcast captioning is available for both the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities.

Technology is a significant part of the answer to the access challenges faced by many thousands of New Zealanders who have some type of hearing loss. This is highlighted by access through broadcast captioning to the highs and lows of significant sporting events.

The impact of not having legislation is clearly evidenced by the lack of captioning of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. In fact, the Commonwealth Games have live, realtime, captioning available for participants and this would have been very easy to link through with the live broadcasts.

We believe that access to, and captioned broadcasting of, these Games would have been a "given" if it was legally mandated. After the September 2014 General Elections we ask that you make it a priority to give broadcast and internet captioning access to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities in New Zealand by mandating captioning through changes in the New Zealand Telecommunications Act and Broadcasting Act.

Yours sincerely,
[insert your full name here]

Remember to change your name! Send this to:
[email protected]

Don’t forget to CC the Prime Minister too:
[email protected]

Please BCC us too:
[email protected]

Thank you. 🙂 If there’s any questions please ask!

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  1. STEPHANIE BELCHER July 28, 2014 | Reply
  2. Robyn July 28, 2014 | Reply
    Hi Stephanie - Click on the yellow link in the blog 'Send Email to Craig Foss'. The letter comes up automatically for you to send it in your email. Just add your name at the bottom.
  3. patreena July 28, 2014 | Reply
    television programmes are all meaningless without captions. I am born Deaf - totally rely on captions always.
  4. Naomi Strang July 28, 2014 | Reply
    Definately needed
  5. Christine Browne July 28, 2014 | Reply
    Please caption program's
  6. Carley Ann Korchinsky July 28, 2014 | Reply
    What are you waiting for NZ, legislate Captioning now!
  7. Nancy July 28, 2014 | Reply
    I note a CC goes to John Key but not to Cunliffe, yet the wording says "After the September 2014 General Elections ...."
  8. Anna Dubbelt July 29, 2014 | Reply
    As born Deaf kiwi, I am one of the voters. I am disappointed to see that our government does not provide us the captions of this important game. Thank you for your attention.
  9. Robyn July 29, 2014 | Reply
    You need to click on the 'send email to craig foss' an send the letter as they won't read the comments here on this blog unfortunately :(
  10. Jake LaBerge July 30, 2014 | Reply
    Done. Sent the email.
  11. Dorothy Jones July 30, 2014 | Reply
    yes I am deaf .it is very important on subititle
  12. Need watch live Commonwealth Games with subtitled please! We don't want miss out information! I'm profound Deaf.
  13. Iain Galloway July 31, 2014 | Reply
    Happy to lend my weight.
  14. Liz Knewstubb July 31, 2014 | Reply
    Well done Robyn you have my full support
  15. J Restall August 6, 2014 | Reply
    All programmes should be captionised now for all those 1000's disadvanted by deafness. Not to do so is inexcusably discriminatory!
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