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1. An Interview and Letter to the Boss of New Zealand from Annabel Mackay. “I Need Words”

2. Who Needs Perspective? “This Government needs to gain an understanding of the perspective of a person who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing”

3. A letter to the Rt Hon Craig Foss – Minister of Broadcasting… “Research shows that until legislation is enacted, Broadcasters will not introduce a reasonable rate of captioning.”

4. A Plea from Zoe… “I Want All Movies and TV Programmes Captioned”

5. The NZ Herald Picks of the Week – Only ONE of them is Captioned – Simply not good enough!

6. Breaking News…. IFHOH Global President has just announced that ALL media needs to be captioned!

7. Joining In… Why Captioning ALL TV programmes is important. “100% captioning isn’t just about entertainment and watching TV. It’s about access to information and providing a tool that makes it easier for Deaf and Hearing impaired people to join in and participate with everyone else.”

8. The Government is Failing to Meet its Human Rights Obligations! “Lack of captioning compounds the issues of being uninformed, isolated and vulnerable, so often experience by the Deaf and Hearing Impaired.”

9. Annabel is Cross! “no Words on TV makes me mad. I want to tell the boss john Key, there are lots of deaf people just like me!”

10. The Captioning Working Group – Who we are…. “After years of lamenting the lack of captions on New Zealand Televisions, we decided to take action and do something about it.”

11. The NZHerald TV Picks of the Week. “Once again only ONE is captioned. We miss out again – simply not good enough!”

12. No TV News was Captioned Tonight. “We don’t have the luxury of being able to switch channels to watch other news channels, because they aren’t captioned at all.”

13. An Open Letter to the NZ Government Minister for Broadcasting. “…there is no alternative programme available to access vital national and international news and information.”

14. Is Captioning Content for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Hard to do? “Actually it was… remarkably easy!”

15. Helen MacKay’s Speech Regarding Captioning. “A persons ability to participate and contribute to society is profoundly affected by how well we can all access information whether its advertising, schooling, entertainment, the latest news or a government announcement.”

16. Why Wouldn’t you caption? “…when you look at the adverse effects of exclusion, and consider the very weighty costs to our society, clearly, the benefits of providing captioning far outweigh any monetary cost incurred to provide it. Captioning truly is a bargain.”

17. Words! – Why Captioning is Needed! “It has always been a struggle to follow the storyline on television programmes and DVDs without captions”

18. Captioning is not Just for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. “Captions not only provide access to Deaf and hard of hearing people, but provides young people with the foundations of literacy”

19. The NZ Herald Picks of the Week. “It should be 100% captioned every week, every day, across all channels broadcast in New Zealand, public and private.”

20. Celebrate, Communicate, Connect – New Zealand Sign Language Week “… enable our youth – ‘By working together we are a stronger team.’

21. And the message for you today is: communication is a human right. “Being able to communicate is the basis for understanding and growth. Health, education, families, relationships, jobs, community – they all depend on communication.”

22. Why Do We Actually Need Closed Captions? “We need the Government to step up and legislate, making captioning compulsory in both the Broadcasting Act and the Telecommunications Act.”

23. Who do we Vote For? “…It’s time to raise the game for Captions… Show us the Words – We need Action”.

24. An Open Response from the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities in New Zealand to the Rt Hon Craig Foss, Minister of Broadcasting….

25. Minister of Broadcasting Reply to Captioning Working Group Letter. “New Technologies to help the Deaf & Hearing Impaired”

26. Queens Birthday Honours – The NZ Captioning Working Group says Thank You John.

27. Lack of Access for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing… “I am told that the government cares about inclusion, that my perception is not reality. I am just not convinced.”

28. Index

29. Follow the link… and have your say on Captioning.

30. Level of Captioning Unsatisfactory… “In 2011 it was 240 hours, in 2014 its 250 hours.  Hardly Statistically Significant”

31. One in Four New Zealanders have a Disability. “If Mr Key doesn’t put captions on very soon we’ll have to write more letters!”

32. The Real Statistics behind Captioning in New Zealand. “Ministry of Broadcasting Statistics are misleading because….”

33. Captioning on Lightbox?  Ah No!  “Lightbox may have more in common with Netflix than initially meets the eye!”

34. Bad Captioning!  If Senior Politicians were to take a stand and not appear on television unless it was captioned, frankly they would struggle to get air time!

35. Help us with our Campaign! “The Impact of not having Legislation is clearly evidenced by the lack of captioning of the 2014 Commonweath Games”

36.Captioned Global Internet TV.  Yes We Want It!  “In a challenging digital environment – it’s about content content Content!  We should be blind to how it is delivered as         long as it’s produced and got out there and Kiwis can access it!

37. The History of the Captioning Working Group…. “We’re not stopping until we reach the ultimate goal…. L3gislation!

38. Spark doesn’t seem very sparky. “Yes technology is changing all time. Attitudes towards captioning need to as well “

39.New Zealand Green Party Policy Supports Captioning… “Captioning benefits so many people not just the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.”

40. Annabel sums up the lack of Captioning in New Zealand Hospitals! “It’s the same principle as wheelchair access to buildings for those that need it.”