Is Captioning Content for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Hard to do? “Actually, it was….remarkably easy!”

Well – it seems not. In the words of Peter Haynes, the man behind AFK – The Webseries – it was… ‘Remarkably Easy‘.

A few days ago, It was suggested to me I look at this link for a new web-series that is on Kickstart. It looks interesting – gamers stuck in a game – action, adventure, and fantasy – right up my alley.

They were asking for support in the way of donations so they can finish filming and get it out there for the public to view. They have 27 days to raise the $40,000 needed to finish it.

I asked whether they would be captioning it for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing New Zealanders. At first the answers I got were – No – it would take too long, too many unpaid hours. That it would be shown on You Tube, and to put captions on it would be unwieldy. Too hard.

I mentioned that it wasn’t that hard, that they need to think of captioning as an investment – more viewers – isn’t that ultimately what they want? I also went to Google and found this link on how to caption You Tube Content.

I then showed this to Peter Haynes the man behind the series. I even offered to do it myself if he really didn’t have the time.

The long and short of this whole conversation….

“Actually, that was….remarkably easy. Robyn Carter, please spread the word far and wide that the series will be fully Closed Captioned. The trailer already is”.

So – go and take a look at the trailer – and if you want this fully captioned programme to be available for you to watch – go and support their Kickstart fundraiser to get it off the ground. To back the series head to.. Kickstarter

I applaud Peter for taking the time to talk to me, to listen to what I had to say and for trying it out and finding it worked, and offering up the solution to our community.

If only all TVNZ, TV3, and PRIME (SkyTV) were as good as Peter! Remember – the key words for captioning is… It’s Remarkably Easy!

It goes to show also, that captioning is about education. So start talking, sharing our blogs, facebook page, and get that word out there. We could do with all the help we can get to increase the number of captions on our Television Screens and to get captions on TV on Demand and internet TV captioned.

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