Minister of Broadcasting Reply to Captioning Working Group Letter. “New Technologies to help the Deaf & hearing impaired”

Back in March, we posted up on our old blog a letter that we, the Captioning Working Group, wrote to the Honourable Craig Foss, Minister of Broadcasting. In case you haven’t seen it is reposted it in this blog and you can read it here.

Below is his reply. What a POOR response. Does he not realise that this year is an election year? We urge you to consider this response when you vote in September.

We, the Captioning Working Group, also invite you to comment and debate on this blog, our Facebook page, or on Twitter. We will collate the answers and make sure Craig Foss gets them. I know that no ‘new technology’ is going to help me hear the TV, and automatic captioning doesn’t cut it. If there was going to be new technology – don’t you think countries like the USA, UK and Australia would have started to embrace that already?

Read the letter and Let’s hear from you….

Louise Carroll QSO, GDPPA, MPA (Mgment)
Captioning Working Group
Ph: 0210766990

letter from Craig Foss

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