New Zealand Green Party Policy Supports Captioning… “Captioning benefits so many people not just the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.”

Today the NZ Green Party launched their disability policy and came out in support of broadcast captioning. We welcome the announcement, and encourage all political parties to follow with similar Policy. Captioning benefits so many people not just the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.


Thanks Mojo Mathers & NZ Green Party for taking this leadership position on access to broadcast media.
A full link to their policy can be found here

Key Highlights in respect of Broadcast Accessibilty:
•“Amend the Broadcasting Act and Telecommunications Act to require targets for phasing in captioning for all broadcast and on-demand TV.”
•The policy will cover all broadcasters ensuring “regulations are introduced for mandatory captioning by broadcasters of both broadcast and on-demand TV”
•“These regulations will establish a quota system, phased in over time, for broadcasters to provide captioning with the goal of achieving 100 percent captioning by 2017 for state-owned Television New Zealand (TV1 and TV2) and by 2020 for TV3. All other broadcasters will have targets and time-frames set out on a case by case basis as a proportion of their profits’”
•“Once 100 percent captioning has been achieved for TVNZ and TV3, current funding for captioning for the networks will be phased out. The funding will instead be used for monitoring of captioning for quality control.”
•“The Green Party will also require any film, TV programme, video or DVD resource produced with public funding (whether from NZ on Air funding or via departmental grants) to be tied to a requirement to provide closed captioning – whether on-air or other mediums.”
•“We will also introduce quotas for audio-description and New Zealand Sign Language content.”
Footnote : The figure quoted in the policy document of $2.4M covers AD & Captioning services in NZ as provided by the able team at Able New Zealand.

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