October Captioning Research. “There are still too many repeats which could be played on the On Demand Services instead”

table 1


Table 2

  • * UK, USA – Free to Air captioning – 100%
  • * Australia – Free to Air Captioning – 83% (100 on 1 July 2014)
  • * New Zealand Free to Air Captioning rate: 21.15%

There is still too many repeats being captioned – remember that Deaf and hard of Hearing people can’t switch channels like hose with good hearing because they can’t watch what isn’t captioned. On Demand services aren’t captioned by any broadcaster so that is not an option either.  Therefore the number of repeats being captioned is a huge deal.

The percentages that Able, and NZ on Air are misleading because:

  • * It is not taking into account all free to air available hours captioned
  • * It is not taking into account the number of repeated captioning content



  • * There are more free-to-air channels in New Zealand that are special interest channels – such as Shopping, Religion, Local Interest, News, Te Reo, and Parliament TV. These are also not captioned but we are not using these in the survey.
  • * In the UK, US, and Australia, subscription television is also subject to captioning quotas. We are unable to include captioning statistics for these channels as the content that is captioned is not available in a standard programme guide.
  • * Very little captioning occurs of live television events
  • * No On Demand services are captioned by any broadcaster.
  • * New players in the market such as Lightbox, (Telecom/Sparks new internet TV) aren’t captioned as there is no legislation available  making it mandatory. Sky Video on Demand is also starting soon and will not be captioned.


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