SKY TV say NO to attending Human Rights mediation for TV captioning to give RWC games access to Deaf and Hard of Hearing NZ

The New Zealand Captioning Working Group lodged a Human Rights Commission complaint against Sky TV for failure to provide captioning on the Rugby World Cup coverage including that shown on free to air Prime TV, owned by Sky.

Deaf Community Lodge Human Rights Complaint to get RWC captioning

Regrettably, Sky TV have said NO to a mediation meeting with us at the Human Rights Commission.

This isn’t just about sport (though we must also point out there was no captioned coverage for the Commonwealth Games or Cricket World Cup either). It’s about access, inclusion and participation. A human right.

The 2011 Rugby World Cup broadcasts had captioning on 7 games. In 2015, NO games will be closed captioned on free to air or subscription television, live or delayed.

Without legislation, there is no requirement to caption, and broadcasters are choosing not to. There are plenty of examples of overseas broadcasters, who because they are required to caption, invest in the technical capability to do so.

Encouraging captioning is not working.

• Only one news programme has captioning (One News)
• No news is captioned on any channel between 11pm and 12 noon the following day
• Great New Zealand made content oftens airs without captions – Brokenwood Mysteries, What Now, 430 Show, Backbenches, 7 Days
• Some main channels cannot support live captioning and some free to air channels have no captioning whatsoever (Prime TV)
• No New Zealand On Demand or TV catch up service offers captioning (including TVNZ On Demand, 3Now, Sky Go, Lightbox)

Help change this. Sign the petition here


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