Will the Paralympics TV coverage have captions?

The New Zealand Olympic team delivered amazing results in Rio. (http://www.captionitnz.co.nz/thank-you-for-captioning-rio-2016-summer-olympics-able/ ). Many New Zealanders are keen to follow our Paralympians too. The Games start on September 7 till 18 September. We wish the NZ Paralympic team every success in Rio. The daily hour long highlights show, will have captioning (TVOne, 9.30pm http://tvnz.co.nz/tvnz-corporate-comms/ready-rio-most-extensive-free-air-broadcast-coverage-paralympic-games-its-way-6461268). TVNZ will broadcast more than 180 hours of Paralympic sport. The majority will be shown on TVNZ’s.

No cash for deaf and hard of hearing to enable accessibility through broadcast captioning in Budget 2016

The Government’s position is to encourage captioning by Broadcasters with the expectation that improvements in captioning will come through improving technology. In line with this belief, no additional funds were allocated for broadcast captioning in Budget 2016. However, sadly, encouragement alone is not enough. Encouraging Broadcasters to caption leaves New Zealanders without captions on many News & current affairs programmes on free to air television from 11pm until 12noon the.

Copyright Rights? Broadcast Rights? What of Human Rights?

Able are broadcasting live captions for the extended TVNZ One News midday broadcast of the All Blacks homecoming. I should feel ‘happy’. Instead I feel mad. TVNZ – still the only New Zealander broadcaster with the technical capability to support live captioning. The All Blacks arrived at Auckland Airport this morning. Breakfast television and many kiwis were there to meet them. No captions. No captions on breakfast TV news or.

I’m signing the Captioning Petition Because….

I’m signing because… (Click on any of the text below to be taken to the articles that correspond to the reasons) • It will make it easy for people to enjoy what those with no hearing issues take for granted. • How else do deaf people enjoy? TV • My work requires me to keep abreast of breaking news and current affairs and this is hard to do without captions..

Have you seen the RWC Bad Lipreading Video Yet? Have you signed the Petition for Captioning?

PRESS RELEASE EMBARGOED 9am, 9 October, 2015 Have you seen the RWC Bad Lipreading Video yet? You can see it here: http://bitly.com/CaptionitNZ This image requires an alt attribute. The New Zealand Captioning Working Group is asking for your help to make a real difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of Deaf & Hard of Hearing New Zealanders. Video is everywhere these days and accessible on many devices –.

Captioning on Lightbox? Ah No! “Lightbox may have more in common with Netflix than initially meets the eye!”

Earlier in 2014, the NZ Herald Telecom chief executive Simon Moutter described ShowmeTV as “a Netflix for New Zealand” when the new service was announced (see the New Zealand Herald article about it.) It seems ShowmeTV, now known as Lightbox may have more in common with Netflix than initially meets the eye. As you might expect the Captioning Working Group met with the Telecom representative last week and asked would.

An open response from the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities in New Zealand to the Rt Hon Craig Foss, Minister of Broadcasting…

On 20 March 2014 MP Mojo Mathers asked the Minister of Broadcasting in Parliament “Did he think that television programmes made with public funds should be screened with captions so that New Zealanders with hearing loss can watch them?” On behalf of the Hon Craig Foss, Hon Dr Johnathan Coleman responded as in bold below. Point by point we will now respond to the Hon Craig Foss. Government supports captioning.

And the message for you today is: communication is a human right. “Being able to communicate is the basis for understanding and growth. Health, education, families, relationships, jobs, community – they all depend on communication.”

I want to tell you about a remarkable little girl. Annabel is seven years old, and sadly, at the age of four, she lost her hearing. Living in the UK, she was able to watch movies and TV shows because they provide screen captions for virtually all shows. So the family could go to movies together and Annabel could join her friends to watch TV. One of her favourite shows.

Helen Mackay’s Speech Regarding Captioning. “A persons ability to participate and contribute to society is profoundly affected by how well we can all access information whether its advertising, schooling, entertainment, the latest news or a government announcement.”

When Louise asked me to speak tonight I toyed with the idea of whispering my speech just to frustrate you all as you struggle to hear, just to give you a little sense of my daughters frustration as she struggles to understand. Fortunately for you, I thought better of it. Annabel herself was cross that she wasn’t coming tonight to “tell the bosses that no words on the TV is.

An Open Letter to the NZ Government Minister for Broadcasting. “….there is no alternative programme available to access vital national and international news and information.”

Louise Carroll QSO, JP, GDPPA, MPA Chairperson Captioning Working Group NEW ZEALAND 11 April 2014 The Hon Craig Foss Minister for Broadcasting Parliament Buildings WELLINGTON CC: Rt Hon John Key Prime Minister Dear Minister Foss As you know, the Captioning Working Group consists of executive representatives from The National Foundation for the Deaf, Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand and the Hearing Association New Zealand as our organisations recognize the need for,.