Helen Mackay’s Speech Regarding Captioning. “A persons ability to participate and contribute to society is profoundly affected by how well we can all access information whether its advertising, schooling, entertainment, the latest news or a government announcement.”

When Louise asked me to speak tonight I toyed with the idea of whispering my speech just to frustrate you all as you struggle to hear, just to give you a little sense of my daughters frustration as she struggles to understand. Fortunately for you, I thought better of it. Annabel herself was cross that she wasn’t coming tonight to “tell the bosses that no words on the TV is.

An Open Letter to the NZ Government Minister for Broadcasting. “….there is no alternative programme available to access vital national and international news and information.”

Louise Carroll QSO, JP, GDPPA, MPA Chairperson Captioning Working Group NEW ZEALAND 11 April 2014 The Hon Craig Foss Minister for Broadcasting Parliament Buildings WELLINGTON CC: Rt Hon John Key Prime Minister Dear Minister Foss As you know, the Captioning Working Group consists of executive representatives from The National Foundation for the Deaf, Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand and the Hearing Association New Zealand as our organisations recognize the need for,.

A Letter to the Rt Hon Craig Foss – Minister of Broadcasting…. “Research shows that until legislation is enacted, Broadcasters will not introduce a reasonable rate of captioning.”

  An open response from the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities in New Zealand to the Rt Hon Craig Foss, Minister of Broadcasting… On 20 March 2014 MP Mojo Mathers asked the Minister of Broadcasting in Parliament “Did he think that television programmes made with public funds should be screened with captions so that New Zealanders with hearing loss can watch them?” On behalf of the Hon Craig Foss,.

An Interview and Letter to the Boss of New Zealand from Annabel Mackay. – “I Need Words”

An Interview and a Letter to the Boss of New Zealand from Annabel MacKay I had the pleasure today, of meeting Helen MacKay, mother of seven year old Annabel.  Annabel is profoundly deaf and relies on captioning to understand television. She went deaf when she was four, so she remembers being able to hear. Having returned to New Zealand from the UK where 100% of public broadcasting is captioned, the.