Why We Need Legislation for Captioning – A Cochlear Implant Users Perspective “I Tire of explaining to others why I don’t watch TV any more”

I am completely deaf with cochlear implants, but simply cannot follow TV programmes without subtitles. I spend far more time on my Kindle than I do on TV because of the lack of quality programmes with subtitles. If good old free-to-air TV1, 2 and 3 (and DVD suppliers) can subtitle movies and programmes, I don’t see why the paid TV suppliers can’t! I would happily subscribe to a facility that.

Lightbox – A World-Class viewing experience – without Captions. “world-class viewing experiences include captioning. Great media companies should make accessibility a priority”

Hardly a day goes by now without some media comment about Netflix coming to New Zealand, new Video on Demand services in Australia or New Zealand, or the demise of traditional TV. Spark, the company formerly known as Telecom launched Lightbox at the end of August. It’s their foray into Internet TV. Now we all know that accessibility of any kind, is best built in from the start of product.

7 Days of Captioning in New Zealand – Should Stenography be used for Live Captioning?

Captions give access. We love New Zealand and would like it to be an inclusive and accessible place for all Deaf & Hard of Hearing New Zealanders. Here’s some ‘highlights’ over the last week. Thursday 28 August – Lightbox, the new subscription video on demand service from Spark New Zealand launches – unfortunately without captioning. According to Lightbox, the cost to caption is prohibitive. (In its former guise, the company.

Captioning on Lightbox? Ah No! “Lightbox may have more in common with Netflix than initially meets the eye!”

Earlier in 2014, the NZ Herald Telecom chief executive Simon Moutter described ShowmeTV as “a Netflix for New Zealand” when the new service was announced (see the New Zealand Herald article about it.) It seems ShowmeTV, now known as Lightbox may have more in common with Netflix than initially meets the eye. As you might expect the Captioning Working Group met with the Telecom representative last week and asked would.