The Government is Failing to Meet its Human Rights Obligations! “Lack of captioning compounds the issues of being uninformed, isolated and vulnerable, so often experienced by the Deaf and hearing impaired.”

By captioning only a small proportion of public TV and other broadcast media, enabling access by the hearing impaired, the New Zealand government is failing in its obligation to meet the terms of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCPRD). Under the UNCPRD, which New Zealand has ratified, the government is required to ‘take measures to ensure that all persons with disabilities [which includes the.

The NZ Herald TV Picks of the Week – Only ONE of them is Captioned – Simply not good Enough!

Cruising the NZ Herald website late last night I came across this ‘TV Picks of the Week‘. So I did some research Game of Thrones When: Monday, 8.30pm Where: Soho NO captions Prime Rocks: David Bowie – Five Years When: Wednesday, 9.30pm Where: Prime NO Captions American Horror Story: Coven When: Monday, 9.30pm Where: Soho NO Captions Hannibal When: Sunday, 9.30pm Where: TV3 Captioned Davey Hughes: Untamed When: Sunday, 2.00pm.

A Plea from Zoe… “I want All Movies and TV Programmes Captioned!”

I want ALL movies and TV programmes captioned. It’s not fair that all my friends can go watch a new release movie when it comes out but I have to wait for either the DVD to be released or for the local cinema to choose it as one of their captioned movies of the month. Most of the time the movies that they pick are the ones that I don’t.