I think that it is great that the Rio Olympic Games has captioning because….

This means that thousands of Deaf & hard of hearing people will be able to enjoy the games and be able to watch like every hearing person. When I found out that there was going to be captioning at the games I got very excited. I will be able to watch the Olympics with my family and my school friends. I need to make a lot of cupcakes to help.

New Zealand: Introducing Live TV Captioning of Rio2016 on Prime TV

Are you getting excited about one of the greatest sporting events on earth? Recently TVNZ OneNews ran a story about new captioning technology that will help make the Olympic Games TV coverage in New Zealand more accessible for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing. You can watch the video here (captioned). or read a summary here. Want to know more? Q – When will the details of what will be.

New Zealand – We Need Your Help! Press Release 18 May 2016.

The National Foundation for the Deaf underwriting $200,000 to enable broadcast captioning of the Rio Olympics Text GOLD to 4847 to help by donating $3.00 The National Foundation for the Deaf has underwritten $200,000 to enable live broadcast captioning of the Rio Olympics in August 2016. Live broadcast captions are similar to subtitles that you see on a foreign film but they are in the same language as the spoken.

6% of the content on Prime TV Channel will have captioning. A good start but still a long way to go!

SKY spokeswoman Kirsty Way said earlier this week: “We are really pleased Prime will now be able to show captions on these quality local shows, thanks to the contribution of ABLE along with our investment in infrastructure.” So what do we know about captioning on the Sky owned free to air Prime TV channel? Q – When will captioning start? A – No date has been announced but it is.

An open response from the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities in New Zealand to the Rt Hon Craig Foss, Minister of Broadcasting…

On 20 March 2014 MP Mojo Mathers asked the Minister of Broadcasting in Parliament “Did he think that television programmes made with public funds should be screened with captions so that New Zealanders with hearing loss can watch them?” On behalf of the Hon Craig Foss, Hon Dr Johnathan Coleman responded as in bold below. Point by point we will now respond to the Hon Craig Foss. Government supports captioning.

Is Captioning Content for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Hard to do? “Actually, it was….remarkably easy!”

Well – it seems not. In the words of Peter Haynes, the man behind AFK – The Webseries – it was… ‘Remarkably Easy‘. A few days ago, It was suggested to me I look at this link for a new web-series that is on Kickstart. It looks interesting – gamers stuck in a game – action, adventure, and fantasy – right up my alley. They were asking for support in.

No TV News was Captioned Tonight. ” We don’t have the luxury of being able to switch channels to watch other news channels, because they aren’t captioned at all.”

The internet chatter tonight that TV One has no captions. No news captioned. Facebook and twitter have been running hot with complaints. Obviously Able/TVNZ is having technical difficulties. Obviously, because Seven Sharp is now on and that’s not captioned tonight either. No one can find an after hours number to phone. Some people have tried but got an answerphone message to say ring during office hours. The point is…. ONLY.

The NZHerald TV Picks of the Week. “Once again only ONE is captioned. We miss out again – simply not good enough!

Last week our blog of the NZHerald TV Picks of the week was one of our most popular. I’m rather an optimist so I thought I’d look again at this weeks picks out today to see if it would come up with a better outcome? Bluestone 42 When: Thursday 9.25pm Where: UKTV NOT Captioned James Nesbitt in New Zealand When: Sunday 8.30pm Where: Prime TV NOT Captioned Supergiant Animals When:.

The NZ Herald TV Picks of the Week – Only ONE of them is Captioned – Simply not good Enough!

Cruising the NZ Herald website late last night I came across this ‘TV Picks of the Week‘. So I did some research Game of Thrones When: Monday, 8.30pm Where: Soho NO captions Prime Rocks: David Bowie – Five Years When: Wednesday, 9.30pm Where: Prime NO Captions American Horror Story: Coven When: Monday, 9.30pm Where: Soho NO Captions Hannibal When: Sunday, 9.30pm Where: TV3 Captioned Davey Hughes: Untamed When: Sunday, 2.00pm.