Will the Paralympics TV coverage have captions?

The New Zealand Olympic team delivered amazing results in Rio. (http://www.captionitnz.co.nz/thank-you-for-captioning-rio-2016-summer-olympics-able/ ). Many New Zealanders are keen to follow our Paralympians too. The Games start on September 7 till 18 September. We wish the NZ Paralympic team every success in Rio. The daily hour long highlights show, will have captioning (TVOne, 9.30pm http://tvnz.co.nz/tvnz-corporate-comms/ready-rio-most-extensive-free-air-broadcast-coverage-paralympic-games-its-way-6461268). TVNZ will broadcast more than 180 hours of Paralympic sport. The majority will be shown on TVNZ’s.

6% of the content on Prime TV Channel will have captioning. A good start but still a long way to go!

SKY spokeswoman Kirsty Way said earlier this week: “We are really pleased Prime will now be able to show captions on these quality local shows, thanks to the contribution of ABLE along with our investment in infrastructure.” So what do we know about captioning on the Sky owned free to air Prime TV channel? Q – When will captioning start? A – No date has been announced but it is.

Copyright Rights? Broadcast Rights? What of Human Rights?

Able are broadcasting live captions for the extended TVNZ One News midday broadcast of the All Blacks homecoming. I should feel ‘happy’. Instead I feel mad. TVNZ – still the only New Zealander broadcaster with the technical capability to support live captioning. The All Blacks arrived at Auckland Airport this morning. Breakfast television and many kiwis were there to meet them. No captions. No captions on breakfast TV news or.

TVNZ Loses Audio on Breakfast News, Causes Outcry. “Yet Every Single Day, thousands of New Zealanders who want to watch the Breakfast news are totally excluded”

Audiences today were outraged because of TVNZ’s loss of audio for over an hour on Breakfast news today. The NZ herald reported that… Despite a technical warning issued from presenters, several Breakfast viewers still took to their Facebook timelines to complain. One declared she “couldn’t function” without her favourite morning show while others turned to TV3. “OMG I start every day with Breakfast. This is so frustrating,” wrote one viewer,.

7 Days of Captioning in New Zealand – Should Stenography be used for Live Captioning?

Captions give access. We love New Zealand and would like it to be an inclusive and accessible place for all Deaf & Hard of Hearing New Zealanders. Here’s some ‘highlights’ over the last week. Thursday 28 August – Lightbox, the new subscription video on demand service from Spark New Zealand launches – unfortunately without captioning. According to Lightbox, the cost to caption is prohibitive. (In its former guise, the company.

July 2014 Captioning Research for Free to Air Television

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Level of Captioning in New Zealand Unsatisfactory… “In 2011 it was 240 hours, and in 2014 its 250 hours. Hardly statistically significant.”

For the record, the New Zealand Captioning Working Group do not believe the level of captioning in New Zealand is ‘pretty satisfactory’. When the 2011 Rugby World Cup was staged in New Zealand, Catherine Delahunty, MP asked the then Minister of Broadcasting, Hon. Jonathon Coleman, a question in the house 21 September 2010. [Catherine Delahunty] ‘To the Minister of Broadcasting. Will he ensure accessibility to Rugby World Cup television broadcasts.

An open response from the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities in New Zealand to the Rt Hon Craig Foss, Minister of Broadcasting…

On 20 March 2014 MP Mojo Mathers asked the Minister of Broadcasting in Parliament “Did he think that television programmes made with public funds should be screened with captions so that New Zealanders with hearing loss can watch them?” On behalf of the Hon Craig Foss, Hon Dr Johnathan Coleman responded as in bold below. Point by point we will now respond to the Hon Craig Foss. Government supports captioning.

The NZ Herald Picks of the Week. “It should be 100% captioned every week, every day, across all channels broadcast in New Zealand, public and private.”

The NZ Herald Picks of the week gave us a surprise result this week, but definitely not so for Anzac Day. We took a break from this blog series over Easter and Anzac Day, but so it seems did our captions. The NZ On Air website proudly stated in the trailer for the Anzac Commemoration that ‘Our funding allows important national events to be seen on TV by all NZ’..

Words! – Why Captioning is Needed! “It has always been a struggle to follow the storyline on television programmes and DVDs without captions”

My name is Robert and I’m profoundly Deaf but have a cochlear implant, which has been very successful. I have been married for 10 years to Holly and I also run a successful business. It has always been a struggle to follow the storyline on television programmes and DVDs without captions – the voices are not always clear, the storyline typically changes quite quickly, and don’t get me started on.