That Happy Moment when People say YES to Captioning!

That happy moment when people say YES to captioning! Today we need to give a big shout out / handwave to Peter Haynes Director / Writer of AFK Webseries fame.

True to his word, Peter Haynes has captioned AFK and we are delighted to announce it launches tomorrow (6 November) with captions on Youtube. Check out the trailer here with captioning!

Image Used with Permission: Mia Pistorius as Q, a Level 30 Elf Ranger, in AFK: The Webseries launching online 6 November

AFK is a webseries filmed entirely in Auckland “that follows the misadventures of a group of gamers who mysteriously wake up in the bodies of their online characters. Its Lord of The Rings meets Battle Royale meets The Breakfast Club.

It is fantastic to see New Zealand producers making New Zealand content accessible with captions. Peter did all the captioning himself so….

Thank you Peter, from the many New Zealanders that benefit from captions. A global deaf & hard of hearing audience will also be able to access your content now too. Search engines love good captions (they don’t index automatic ones) so many more people all over the world will discover your content. Making content caption accessible really is Win:Win all round.

If you appreciate the access via captions let AFK know. Say thanks for captioning by posting on their Facebook page here:

Tweet them here:

Subscribe to the AFK Youtube Channel here:

If you know of more New Zealand content producers that are captioning, please let us know so we can spread the good news of more words on screen!



AFK originally broadcast on Sky TV’s the ZONE channel without captions on October 28th. Tomorrow the double episode will be available freely online, with episode 3 next week.