The NZ Herald TV Picks of the Week – Only ONE of them is Captioned – Simply not good Enough!

Cruising the NZ Herald website late last night I came across this ‘TV Picks of the Week‘.

So I did some research

Game of Thrones
When: Monday, 8.30pm
Where: Soho
NO captions

Prime Rocks: David Bowie – Five Years
When: Wednesday, 9.30pm
Where: Prime
NO Captions

American Horror Story: Coven
When: Monday, 9.30pm
Where: Soho
NO Captions

When: Sunday, 9.30pm
Where: TV3

Davey Hughes: Untamed
When: Sunday, 2.00pm
Where: Prime
NO Captions

Not exactly a comprehensive scientific study but one similar statistically to our blog ‘Who Needs Perspective

To add insult to injury, in the country of production, all of these programmes, except Davey Hughes : Untamed, must be broadcast with captions by law. Davey Hughes is made in New Zealand. Enough said!

Captioning needs to be considered just a cost of doing business for commercial broadcasters, with accessibility rights protected by legislation. As an example, the construction sector have codes mandating accessibility and it is just a cost of business. Why should broadcasting be any different?

#CaptionitNZ Now – its simply not good enough.

– Helen MacKay

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