What did Richie McCawesome, Captain of the Triumphant Rugby World Cup Winning All Blacks Say on TV?

No captions for Deaf & Hard of Hearing fans on free to air Prime TV or pay Sky in New Zealand, so the post match speeches became a lipreading challenge. Thanks to a transcript volunteer you can see what Richie said here:

Commentator – The very first team to win Back to Back Rugby World Cups, is this your proudest moment?

Richie McCaw – Absolutely, ah, you know we said 4 years ago after the last one that we’ll get on the road again with this being the end goal of playing at Twickenham at a world cup final and we’ll try and do something no-one else has done and I’m so proud of the way the guys done that today. You know some damn good rugby there. We lost a bit in the second half but we kept composure and you know we came home strong which is been the hallmark of this team for the last 4 years.

Commentator – Tries for Pocock and Kurundrani while Ben Smith was in the bin narrowed it to four points were you anxious?

Richie McCaw – I wouldn’t say anxious. I knew that momentum was against us. We’ve been in those situations before its a matter of not panicking ah and doing the simple things to get the I guess get the ball back and ah back in control and ah every man did that again today and a lot of times over the years. But to do it when it really counts in a cup final you know that shows the calibre of the men we’ve got.

Commentator – Richie you said the first time you became an All Black that you didn’t want it to end. After 148 tests and two rugby world cups do you now call it a day?

Richie McCaw – I still don’t want it to end. Look, umm, at the moment I’m still part of this team today and you know how could you get enough of this? We’ll worry about that after today. I just wanna enjoy playing well having played a wonderful world cup final here with a great bunch of men um and I’m just so proud of being able to wear this shirt again today and ah I don’t think you ever have enough of it. If you get moments like this why would you ever call it a day?

Commentator – Thats a maybe then? Congratulations.

Richie McCaw – Thank you

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Captions / Subtitles were broadcast in other rugby loving nations including Australia & the UK. NBC USA also broadcast the game live with captioning. All These countries require accessibility with captioning – it is the law.

In New Zealand for the 2011 Rugby World Cup 7 games broadcast with captions. In 2015, no games broadcast with captioning in New Zealand.

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