Why We Need Legislation for Captioning – A Cochlear Implant Users Perspective “I Tire of explaining to others why I don’t watch TV any more”

I am completely deaf with cochlear implants, but simply cannot follow TV programmes without subtitles. I spend far more time on my Kindle than I do on TV because of the lack of quality programmes with subtitles. If good old free-to-air TV1, 2 and 3 (and DVD suppliers) can subtitle movies and programmes, I don’t see why the paid TV suppliers can’t! I would happily subscribe to a facility that had subtitled on-demand movies and programmes – in fact I’d be really excited by the opportunity – but to date haven’t heard of such a thing.

I was so disappointed to hear that Lightbox had bought the “Outlander” series – by my favourite author – because I knew it wouldn’t be subtitled and so I wouldn’t get to watch it until (I hope), it is eventually released on DVD. Meanwhile my friends and family are all raving about it.

I tire of explaining to others why I don’t watch TV any more. Being deaf makes it hard to participate in many social situations, so it is a real shame that deaf people often can’t enjoy what others take for granted.

With today’s technology, it seems really strange that simply getting words on a TV programme isn’t done as a matter of course. Meanwhile, I’ll be paying Amazon Kindle for more books…

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Karen Ellis

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  1. Philip June 11, 2016 | Reply
    Unlike Karen, I have full hearing, yet I watch most American programs with sub-Titles so I can follow the text. So please, please, please sub-Title programmes on Lightbox! I cannot comprehend how it must be for deaf / hard of hearing people.
  2. Robyn June 13, 2016 | Reply
    Thanks Philip, We know that captioning and subtitles is used for a wide group of people, not just Dear or hard of hearing, I really wish Lightbox would caption - we are trying hard behind the scenes. Thank you for you comment. CaptionitNZ team

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