Will the Paralympics TV coverage have captions?

The New Zealand Olympic team delivered amazing results in Rio. (https://www.captionitnz.co.nz/thank-you-for-captioning-rio-2016-summer-olympics-able/ ). Many New Zealanders are keen to follow our Paralympians too. The Games start on September 7 till 18 September. We wish the NZ Paralympic team every success in Rio.

Young girl smiling, wearing hearing aids and yellow hat, with NZ Flag painted on face

The daily hour long highlights show, will have captioning (TVOne, 9.30pm http://tvnz.co.nz/tvnz-corporate-comms/ready-rio-most-extensive-free-air-broadcast-coverage-paralympic-games-its-way-6461268).

TVNZ will broadcast more than 180 hours of Paralympic sport. The majority will be shown on TVNZ’s fully live streamed TV channel DUKE and TVNZ OnDemand. This coverage won’t have captioning.

We expect TVNZ broadcast partners AttitudeLive.com will make their web video accessible with captioning.

It’s time for the New Zealand Government to take captioning seriously and to improve access to it the hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders who need it and the many more who benefit from it. All genres need captioning – sports, news, movies, drama, documentaries.

1:6 New Zealanders use captioning (slide 62: http://www.nzonair.govt.nz/document-library/where-are-the-audiences-2016/ )